I recently got a change to have an email exchange with two of the folks who worked on the recent EA Sports title EA NFL BLITZ:  David Ross (Producer) and Yuri Bialoskursky (Designer).  Below is our conversation:

MJD:  First of all, nice job on the release!  Been looking forward to this since it was announced, and you did not disappoint!

EA: Thank you very much.  We are excited to bring the title to market and share the fun with NFL Blitz veterans and new players alike.

MJD: I’m sure this was something you guys/gals played in your youth.  How was the experience working with such a classic arcade title?

EA: Many of our team members were fans the earlier versions. Because many of us were fans of the original, we understood the significance of delivering on the core aspect of NFL Blitz arcade action gameplay.  It’s been a lot of fun and very rewarding to see the game take shape over the course of the development cycle.

MJD: What challenges did you face working with such a simple, yet exciting little game? Did the simplicity pose problems?

EA: Nothing is simple in games development. J  Early on we identified what mattered most to the game and we stayed focused on delivering those elements / features.  As with any effort, we faced challenges, but were able to overcome them and deliver the game we have today.

MJD: If I remember right, the late hits were removed due to concerns from the NFL.  Did they have a strong oversight on the final product of this game?

EA:  The NFL is a great partner and they are involved in any NFL licensed property we create as a video game.  We worked with them over the course of the development cycle and worked to make sure that NFL Blitz would be a product that both EA and the NFL would be proud to offer our fans.  Concerning, late hits, the NFL is very concerned about player health and safety and they asked us to remove the post whistle interactions as they put a spotlight on activity that is contrary to their safety goals.

MJD: A while back, EA Released Madden Arcade.  What did EA devs learn from that experience, and how was that implemented into NFL Blitz?

EA: NFL Blitz was a unique development effort with delivery goals specific to NFL Blitz.  While we do have people on the team that worked on Madden NFL Arcade, our focus was on NFL Blitz and driving what was important to deliver for that title.

MJD: Are there any plans for DLC you could talk about?  Perhaps adding legendary players?

EA:  No plans for DLC at this time.

MJD: I noticed there are new modes in this game.  Tell me about the inspiration for these new modes!  Was there any ideas that didn’t make the final cut?

EA: We always have more feature ideas than is possible to fit into any development cycle.  Therefore, like most products, we have our share of ideas that didn’t make it into the game.  However, one of our core objectives for NFL Blitz was to foster competition between people.  NFL Blitz is a blast to play against someone else whether they are on the couch next to you or playing on line.  Therefore, we offer a robust online feature set that will foster competition and bring out the action, competition and excitement which is what is most fun about playing the game.

MJD:  Finally, who is your favorite team?  Obviously, the Vikings, right?

EA:   :)  Our team is comprised of fans from many NFL teams.  We have Eagles fans, Lions fans, Packer fans and NFC West Champion San Francisco 49er’s fans.

MJD: Thanks for taking the time to answer a couple little questions, and putting out this title!


You can currently pick up EA’s NFL BLITZ on XBLA for 1200 MS Points or on PSN for $14.99.  See the Yet Another Gaming Show review here.